How to Build Your Exercise Wardrobe

Ready to dive into the fitness world, but feeling overwhelmed with which fitness clothes to buy to get started? It can be expensive at the beginning to create a wardrobe for all your exercise needs – we outlined the perfect guidelines to help you decide when to splurge and when to save!

Worth splurging:

Sports Bra

This is not the time to use your old, worn out sports bra, or the cheapest one you can find. Your sports bra can make or break your work-out experience. A good one can keep the bouncing at bay, while a bad one can leave you feeling sore – ouch! According to Fitness Magazine “the average A cup travels about an inch and a half in each direction, and a D cup bounces two to three inches”. That is a lot of unwanted motion, so give your girls a break and invest in a good sports bra or two.


Your sneakers are the foundation of your work out. If your feet are uncomfortable, you won’t be able to support the rest of your body. Skip using your everyday walking sneakers and invest in a pair that is designed specifically for your favorite type of work-out. Cross training sneakers can be great for exercise classes because they are flexible and perfect for a variety of activities.

Comfy Socks

Socks may seem like a silly investment, but they are an important one! Spending a few extra dollars on cushioned and quality socks will pay off in the long run. Socks prevent blisters and help cushion the pressure points on your feet. Give yourself a little luxury without spending too much money with an upgraded pairs of socks!


Save a little:


When it comes to your leggings or shorts, you might be tempted to go straight for Lululemon, but this investment is something you can delay until further in your fitness journey. Many mid-level and even lower priced brands provide quality bottoms that won’t break the bank. The internet has been raving about the work-out clothes from places like Target, Gap, and Fabletics.


Thrift away


You probably have tanks and camis in your normal wardrobe to borrow from, so no need to spend big on your fitness tops. You can also pull your old t-shirts out of the back of your drawer and give them new life with these work-out tee diys!