A Barre Instructor’s Tips for Staying Fit During the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches and our calendars fill with cocktail parties, dinners, and festive gatherings, it’s easy to become off-sync with our workout schedules. In fact, it appears to be a trend for a lot of us this time of year so we reached out to Cami Kirschner, owner of The Barre Code Studio in Austin, TX, for some tricks and tips for sticking to your fitness routine season. Cami is not only a business woman but wife and mother of two so she knows how life can be!

The Barre Code is a women’s fitness program which combines cardio, strength training, and restoration to empower women both in and out of the studio. The method was founded by in 2009 by Chicago-based fitness experts Jillian Lorenz and Ariana Chernin.

Read our below to hear Cami’s story and learn her tips and tricks.

When did you start Barre? And did you instantly fall in love? 

I discovered barre-based exercise in 2008 and The Barre Code specifically in 2010.  While I enjoyed barre from the get-go, my love affair with the method didn’t transpire until I found The Barre Code, which I would describe as non-traditional barre.   

In what ways has Barre transformed you or bettered your life? 

The Barre Code has transformed my life in too many ways to count. I would say the biggest impact it has had on my life is that I no longer think about exercise as a means to lose weight but as a way to deepen my connection with my mind and body… any residual effects of that is a bonus! Additionally, through The Barre Code I have a community of women across that country dedicated to supporting one another. Lastly, as it relates to instructing, the endorphins run high when you finish a great class and witness that post-workout glow of your clients!    

Can you give us three tips for healthy living?

  1. Everything in moderation and surround yourself with healthy choices. Donate the Halloween candy!
  2. No matter what exercise you choose, make sure it is something you enjoy and believe in. Find a supportive community; It goes a long way to work out with a group of people that support one another.
  3. Make sure to get enough sleep! I struggle with this one the most but try hard to get at least 7 hours. Know your body—not everyone needs the same amount.

You recently opened a studio in Austin. What was your favorite part of the experience? 

Don’t get me wrong, opening a new business comes with a lot of stress! I’m not sure I can pinpoint a specific aspect of the experience but it is pretty incredible to see all of the pieces come together at the end. From the physical location—signage, build-out, and décor—to the training team and watching instructors develop into rock stars!

Sometimes, especially during the holidays, it is hard to find time to work out. Can you give us your favorite exercise for someone on the run? 

If you take my class you will always hear me talk about planks and pushups! People often associate pushups with upper body work but in reality it is a full body strengthening exercise.  Planks are all about that core! I default to long-arm planks but forearm will do the trick too! Challenge yourself to continuously try to build the time you can hold a plank. Start with 30-second increments and go from there. Tricep dips are great too! Check out an online tutorial for proper form for both exercises—it makes a big difference.

The Barre Code was recently featured in Self Magazine—you can view a 20-minute on-the-go workout here.

On your days off from the studio, what do you do to unwind? 

Unwind?  What’s that like? (Half kidding.) When I’m not at the studio, you will find me with my family. My husband is an amazing cook so while we are new to Austin and enjoy trying new restaurants, you will typically find us at home! When I get those few minutes alone, I love magazines and a good pedicure. When I need some serious stress relief I resort to Whitney Houston!

How do you stay fit and maintain your routines during the holiday season?