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9 Healthy Essentials to Keep in Your Gym Bag

There’s nothing worse than overcoming procrastination to finally make it to the gym only to find that you’re not prepared (missing headphones, no shower shoes, etc.) and therefore both you and your workout suffer. Stock up on the right gym bag essentials, and you’ll find that being prepared for your workout session will make your fitness routine significantly more enjoyable and more effective. Below we’ve highlighted a few healthy items to store in your gym bag for the optimal workout and wellness plan.

Gym Bag Essentials We Swear By

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Rx Bar

Failing to properly fuel yourself will result in a lack of energy to reach your full potential during your workout and suffering from hunger pains after leaving the gym may leave you feeling light-headed and even ill. Be sure to always have a healthy protein bar, like the 6-ingredient Rx Bar, on hand to properly nourish your body after exertion.[vc_single_image image=”8633″ img_size=”full”]

Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit Running Shoes

While lacking most of the other items on this list will only lead to a less-enjoyable gym session, there’s one thing you actually need to remember to bring with you—your sneakers. We’ve found that keeping a dedicated pair of running shoes or trainers like these new Nike Flyknits in your bag for gym use only will help you avoid forgetting to pack them altogether. Plus, you’ll keep your sneakers in optimal condition by saving them from rain, snow, sleet, and other outdoor elements. They’ll not only last longer but treat your feet better.[vc_single_image image=”8635″ img_size=”full”]

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Finding that your deodorant is missing from your bag, especially before and after the gym, can cause quite a bit of panic (which doesn’t help with the sweat). Keep an extra stick, preferably a natural, aluminum-free deodorant like Schmidt’s, in your bag to ensure you’ll stay sweat-free no matter what. Though it boasts only natural ingredients, Schmidt’s is the most effective toxin-free brand on the market—we’re speaking from experience.[vc_single_image image=”8638″ img_size=”full”]

RMS Beauty Coconut Oil Makeup Remover Wipes

Dripping in sweat can be oddly satisfying after an intense workout but not when you’ve got mascara, eyeliner, or foundation running down your face. Wearing makeup to the gym or while perspiring anywhere can clog your pores and cause breakouts, so it’s best to remove everything from your face before you begin your sweat session. RMS makes it easy to keep their natural, chemical-free remover pads on hand as they’re individually-wrapped and can be conveniently tucked into any pocket of your bag. This coconut oil-based remover also nourishes and moisturizes the skin while gently whipping away all residue.[vc_single_image image=”8743″ img_size=”full”]

Bottled Water

When it comes to gym bag essentials, this is a must have! It’s extremely important to hydrate before, during, and after your workout—learn more about how to hydrate for your workout. The best way to ensure you do is by keeping a handy water bottle by your side all day long. Naturally, we’re partial to hint water—and flavored water is a treat during a grueling workout! If you prefer a reusable, dishwasher-friendly bottle that you can fill up at the gym, we love Bkr’s durable glass water bottle. Both have a smaller-sized opening, which will prevent you from pouring water all over yourself mid workout.[vc_single_image image=”8643″ img_size=”full”]

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

We’ve all heard it before: It’s unhealthy to wash your hair every day but it’s not realistic to forgo a cleansing while keeping up with a regular workout routine. Living Proof’s magical dry shampoo not only removes oil, sweat, and odor but it actually leaves the hair with a naturally clean feel, rather than a stiff, sticky cover up. With this dry shampoo in your bag, you’ll be ready for any occasion even after a serious sweat session.[vc_single_image image=”8644″ img_size=”full”]

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones 

Nothing can kill your vibe quite like attempting to work out sans motivational music. By designating a specific pair of headphones for the gym, you won’t have to worry about leaving your earbuds plugged into your computer or lost in another bag. Bose’s wireless earbuds are the perfect headphones for your workout session as the unique shape seals to the ear to keep them stable and firmly in place even during your most active movements. You won’t have to worry about being strangled and tripped by a chord either as the earbuds are wireless, yet boast the best sound quality.[vc_single_image image=”8647″ img_size=”full”]

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes

Avoid accidental soaks and spills from lugging around a bottle of cleanser by stocking your bag with a few of Ursa Major’s individually wrapped natural facial wipes, which not only cleanse but exfoliate, heal, and hydrate the skin all in one swipe. Your face will feel as refreshed as the wipes smell due to ingredients like aloe, witch hazel, rosemary, and green tea.[vc_single_image image=”8649″ img_size=”full”]

Balsa 201 Weekender Boxing Bag

And now for the most necessary essential: the right gym bag. Balsa’s weekender bag is the perfect companion as the inside is roomy enough to store everything you’d need for a workout and more, while the outside pocket keeps track of smaller items like your headphones, face wipes, and protein bars. Plus, the bag is one of the best-looking gym bags we’ve seen so you won’t be embarrassed to lug it with you to a post-gym outing or the office each day.

Will you be stocking up on these gym bag essentials? Tell us in the comments below.

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