striped neon doormat

Our First Friday 5!

We’re starting a new tradition!

Each Friday we’ll be sharing five of our favorite things we found from around the web called our “friday 5”.

Anything and everything from recipes to wellness tips to DIY decor.

Let’s kick this off – shall we?

tequila lime fish tacos

1. Tequila Lime Fish Tacos: Delicious, easy to prep and if you’re feeling wild, you’ve got all the fixings you need for margaritas! Just don’t forget to hydrate with hint! Plus, (seriously) – who doesn’t love tacos? (via Love and Lemons)

striped neon doormat

2. Striped Neon Dormat DIY: Need a super cool new doormat? This is so unique and incredibly easy to do you’ll be shocked! And when you can make it and everyone (of course) asks you where you bought it … you can proudly say, “Oh … that little thing? I made it.” (via cupcakes and cashmere)

30 things i've learned

3. 30 Things I’ve Learned: We’re suckers for inspiration and people who have passion. This article really just is beautiful. Number 12 is super true. (via Nick Crocker)


4. Mint Chip Ice Cream + Strawberry Mango Ombre Sorbet: Hankering for a summer treat that still plays nice on your waistline? These two little dessert nuggets are made with real food (yay!) and ingredients that are actually good for your bod (nice!) (via Tone It Up)

refinery 29

5. A GENIUS Small Space Trick for Your Living Room: There are sooo many genius decorating ideas in here, we keep going back looking at the pictures. No doubt – you’ll get some ideas (via Refinery29)