7 Must-Follow Fitness-Focused Instagram Accounts

After a long winter of cozy nights, heavier meals, and some guilty pleasure snacking here and there, spring is a perfect time to hit the gym and follow a healthy, portion-controlled diet. But make no mistake: Achieving that beach-season body can be tough. Getting in the mindset can be a challenge; waking up early to hit the gym, passing on the bread at dinner, and the extra glass of wine after work sometimes feel like incredible feats. I have found social media, especially Instagram, to be a powerful resource to keep yourself focused and excited about your new routine, so I’ve rounded up some of my favorite fitness Instagram accounts to inspire you. Follow these 7 social media sensations for a healthy, motivating, and realistic approach to diet and exercise.

Anna Victoria, Leading Fitness Instagram Account

Photo courtesy of Shape Magazine


Creator of The Fit Body Guides, Anna Victoria‘s Instagram feed will pump you up for the gym, and she posts great workout video content. Anna won’t shy away from admitting when she has a “food baby” bump and preaches that everyone is more than a number (on the scale, pant size, weight, etc). In a recent post she writes: “You want your dream body? That’s fine, go get it, but get it knowing that to maintain that dream body, it needs to be a lifestyle.” And of course, her bikini shots are very motivational when I just don’t feel like getting out of bed for a pre-work gym session.

Gideon Akande, Leading Fitness Instagram Account

Photo courtesy of Gideon Akande


Men’s Health Top Trainer and two-time Chicago Golden Gloves champ Gideon Akande is an Instagram star to follow if you’re looking for weight and cardio training sessions to do on your own at the gym. He posts videos of himself working out to the session with inspirational lines that will get you ready to work out—“Weekends are earned!” he says in a Friday morning circuit post. Gideon always plays great tunes and has the best style in the coolest workout gear and sneakers. Try one of Gideon’s best moves by alternating these 4 strength and cardio movements and perform them as a circuit: Reverse Lunge Double Press, Sprinter’s Skip, Squat Double Curl, and Jump and Stick.

Anna Kaiser, Leading Fitness Instagram Account

Photo courtesy of Anna Kaiser


Founder and CEO of @aktinmotion and celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser makes us excited to work out everyday. AKT in Motion is a dance-based interval training class which mixes strength, cardio, and flexibility, and Anna posts clips from her classes most days. Her high energy and excitement is felt through her social feed and her amazing abs have us running to the gym after work. The new mom and fitness and health guru is known for her positivity and energy, and she appreciates her morning cup of coffee or hint kick just as much as we do!

BJ Gaddour, Leading Fitness Instagram Account

Photo courtesy of @bjgaddour


BJ Gaddour is digital fitness director for Men’s Health and knows his business well. He shares his daily workouts with his 175k followers as well as his high-protein post-gym meals. One of my favorites of his is the 7-7-7 Dumbbell Complex. Anyone at any level can try this rep—just make sure you are using the right set of weights for you. If you are trying to create long lean muscles, go lighter; if you are trying to bulk up like BJ, go heavier.

Here’s how it works:

Perform each move for 7 reps with little to no rest between moves in the exact order shown:

  1. Overhead triceps extension
  2. Hammer curl
  3. Overhead press
  4. Bent-over row
  5. Drop and stick split squat, left leg
  6. Drop and stick split squat, right leg
  7. Sumo Burpee—That’s 1 round. Rest 1 to 2 minutes. Perform up to 7 rounds.
Alexa Jean Brown, Leading Fitness Instagram Account

Photo courtesy of Alexa Jean Fitness


Alexa Jean Brown is a young mom with a killer body and a workout program to back it up. Knowing that she can do all this with a baby and a toddler in the room gives us major inspiration. Try her 30-day ab and butt challenges which she posts videos of on her Instagram feed. Her daily workouts tackle all of the areas we are looking to slim down and tone up for the bikini season ahead.

Kevin Hart Fitness, Leading Fitness Instagram Account

Photo courtesy of Men’s Health


Now this one you may not have been expecting but actor and comedian Kevin Hart is totally into working out and has us supremely inspired. He posts workouts in the gym with his trainer and at boxing classes, and he recently accepted a pull-up competition from a fan. Once in awhile he will even put his trainer to the test. This funny guy is a must-follow for those of you ready to kick butt in the gym. He is hardcore but keeps it fun, which is what it should all be about!

 Emily Skye (@emilyskyefit), leading fitness Instagram account

Photo courtesy of Emily Skye

Emily Skye is the founder of F.I.T. Program, which stands for Fitness Inspiration Transformation. Her rock-hard body is proof of what her workout and exercise program will bring. The feed mixes gym sessions, bikini shots, and workouts you can do from your own home. I have found that a lot of at-home or on-the-go circuits suggested by trainers seem to be toning-focused and provide minimal sweating—this is not the case with Emily. Just give her tuck jump session a try and feel the burn.

What fitness-focused folks do you love to follow on Instagram? Share with us below!