despise your am workout? you need these 10 secrets

Despise Your AM Workout? You Need These 10 Secrets…

Morning workouts set a great precedent for the day. If you start your day right, you are more likely to stay focused on your health goals, be productive and have more energy. Despite the benefits, sometimes leaving the cozy warmth of your bed to go break a sweat seems harder than climbing Mount Everest. Luckily, there’s a few ways to make getting up for your AM workout a whole lot easier and we’ve compiled them below!


1. Prepare your gear the night before

Not only will you free up another ten minutes of sleep the next morning, but you’ll get rid of some excuses to back out of the workout. If you’re running shoes are packed, you might as well hit the gym, right?


2. Hit the lights or open the curtains right after your alarm goes off

Your body’s natural clock will immediately become aware that it’s rise-and-shine time.


3. Get moving

Do some jumping jacks or take a lap around your bedroom. The movement will jerk you out of that half-asleep mode. If you get some blood flowing, your body will be more adjusted and prepared to kill your pilates class.


4. Hydrate

Keep a glass of water or bottle of hint by your beside. The second you wake up, drink up! The water will re-hydrate your body and get you ready to move.


5. Grab a buddy

Even if you were meeting at 7:30am at the gym, you wouldn’t stand up your best friend. Inviting her to your AM sweat session is the perfect motivation to get you out of bed.


6. Pop a mint when you wake up

The crisp flavor and bit of sugar in the mint will shake away your the sleepiness.


7. Place your alarm across the room

It’ll force you to get up and at ‘em right away to shut it off.


8. Put your favorite inspirational quote in a frame on your bedside table

If the first thing you see when you rise and shine is something that motivates you, you’re more likely to follow through on your morning workout plans.


9. Have breakfast waiting

Prepare some chia pudding or overnight oats the night before. If you have a yummy meal or snake awaiting you, you’ll be more likely to jump out of bed AND your prep will make your plans feel more definite.


10. Celebrate the goodness

Remind yourself how great it feels when you get your workout out of the way first thing in the morning. After you’re done sweating it out, jot down some notes on how great it made you feel throughout the day. Next time, you’re feeling like skipping out and sleeping in, read your testimony and get pumped to do it again.