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A Celebrity Trainer’s 5-Step Guide to Summer Weight Loss

Adam Farino is a Los Angeles–based celebrity trainer who plans to get us all in shape for the quickly approaching bathing-suit season. The college baseball player and biology major had a change of heart senior year and decided to switch his career path from medicine to personal training. He combines his biology degree and love of sports to create impactful training methods for each of his clients. When we felt the clock ticking towards summer, we knew we needed gym inspiration and insights from Adam. Follow along for celebrity trainer tips for weight loss that will have you looking your best this bathing suit season.

Do you specialize in a specific form of training or have certain methods for your clients?

My training style is pretty diverse. It really depends on my client and what their goals are. Many of my clients are looking to drop some pounds or lose body fat, so the primary form of training we use is circuit training or metabolic strength training. The purpose is to elevate someone’s heart rate to increase calories burned. [tweet_dis]The more calories you burn, the more fat you lose. It’s as simple as that.[/tweet_dis]

How many weeks/months does it usually take to: 1. start seeing results and 2. get to an end goal?

It normally takes between four and six weeks for someone to really start seeing changes in their body. During the first several weeks, you will definitely feel stronger. Your central nervous system is the first part of your body that will start to adapt. Eventually the rest of your body will catch up. To reach an end goal, it varies. When it comes to weight loss, with healthy eating and a proper exercise program, the goal is to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. For body fat loss, it’s about 2% per month.

How should one determine where they want (or should) be in terms of body weight?

Body weight is really where you feel most comfortable. Some people care about the number on the scale, while others focus on how their clothes fit. If you naturally have a more muscular body type, your weight will be higher than someone of the same height and age as you.

We are looking to shed pounds and get toned for a summer-ready body. Can you walk us through a five-step program to kick us off?

  1. Start and end with cardio: choosing a piece of equipment is really up to you and your body. For lower impact cardio, use a bike or elliptical. If your joints are relatively healthy, use something a little higher impact like a treadmill or stairmaster. Start with 10 minutes as part of your warm-up and add an additional 20 minutes at the end of your weight training. This adds to your calorie burn and helps shred that fat for summer.
  2. Squat to press: A full-body exercise that effectively works every muscle in your body including your legs, glutes, shoulders, triceps, and core. Keep the repetitions in the moderate to higher range of 12 to 20.
  3. Reverse lunge to a curl: This is also a full-body exercise but works the legs and more of the bicep to help tone and tighten those arms. You can perform 10 repetitions on each leg being the lead, which will add up to 20 curls!
  4. Standing cable rows: This move works on core stability as well as your back muscles to help improve posture. We all tend to have slumping rolling forward shoulder. This will help open you up, keeping you long and lean for summer.
  5. Planks: Crunches are so 1995 and are not the greatest on your back and neck! Planks effectively work the abs, glutes, obliques, and lower back muscles. This exercise will make your body stronger in the previous lifts above.

Which foods and beverages should we be avoiding in our diet if we are trying to lose weight and tone?

There is no secret here. Foods higher in calories should be avoided as well as meals that are completely carb based. If you were to break your plate down into quarters: one quarter should be a protein (chicken, beef, fish, etc.), one quarter should be a whole grain or complex carbohydrate (brown rice, wheat bread, sweet potato), and the final two quarters should be veggie based (you can go crazy here with types of veggies, just be sure not to douse them in sauces). Many Americans tend to drink their calories: coffees, sodas, juices, and alcohol; Minimizing them can change your body significantly.

What foods and drinks should we be adding to our diet if we are trying to lose weight and tone?

[tweet_dis]You can never go wrong with veggies—and the more colors you add to your plate the better.[/tweet_dis] This will increase your vitamins and minerals, which help maximize your body’s metabolism.

How important is it to track calories?

It definitely helps, but it is not super important if you already have a basic idea of healthy eating. Here is a simple acronym that I use with my clients:
Nutrient Dense

How much water should we be drinking per day when we are training more than our average amount?

When you are training more, you need to be drinking more water. [tweet_dis]Consuming about a half gallon of water per day or 8 oz. every hour should maintain your hydration levels.[/tweet_dis]

For those of us on a smaller budget, what group training classes do you recommend for the same results?

Fitness on a budget is very doable! It really doesn’t take much. There are small groups that meet up in your area who run free bootcamps or very discounted classes. Lululemon, Nike, and other athletic apparel companies will bring in instructors on a regular basis. Bootcamps help keep you motivated and will push you, but the quality of the instructor is important.

Should we be mixing cardio and strength training everyday or alternating days?

Strength training three days a week is the most optimal schedule and doing more intense cardio days on non strength training days is ideal. Most people have busy lives, therefore adding cardio as a warm up and post weight training makes sense and will economize your time.

Should men and women tackle their exercise program differently? If so, in what ways?

Programs should be relatively the same for losing some pounds for summer. Full-body oriented with little rest keeps the heart rate elevated and burns the maximal amount of calories during your weight training.

It seems the wellness industry is always evolving and new workout programs are always popping up. Do you stick with a traditional approach to training or are you gung-ho on these new or “fad” methods?

I personally stick to more traditional strength training and higher-intensity circuit resistance training. For most people, I recommend doing things you enjoy more often. Whatever keeps you motivated and makes you move, do it! If you take a Zumba class twice a week because you love the music and dancing, keep going. If you can add more disciplines, like strength training, even better—and the better the results.

What three items do you always keep in your gym bag?

  • Fresh underwear and socks
  • Deodorant
  • Headphones

For someone who is training with weights or in HIIT classes what should we look for when purchasing sneakers? Do you have a favorite pair?

Yes. Shoes with lateral support are necessary. When buying sneakers, look more at the cross training options vs. the traditional running shoe. I wear mostly Nike sneakers and right now I am wearing the Metcon 2s. They are a good stability shoe as well as flat soled, which is great for some of the lifting I do.

Are you working on fitness this season? What are you focusing on? Share below.