At-Home Workouts

The Best At-Home Workouts, According to a Fitness Pro

For those of you who don’t have time to get to the gym daily, are in your busy season at work, or find yourself traveling non-stop, we have the best at-home workouts for you. We tapped fitness expert Sara Haley for some at home, on-the-go exercise routines. She has created a series of amazing DVDs and online videos that can challenge you with just 15 minutes.

Sara is a go-to fitness guru in the world of pre and post-natal exercise. As a college graduate she moved to New York City with her college sweetheart (now husband) to pursue her dream of becoming a dancer. While performing and auditioning she became a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Since almost all of her clients were women of childbearing age, she quickly became certified in pre and post-natal trainings.

While pregnant with her first son she realized there was a lack of workouts for new moms which were smart, safe, and could be done at home during and after pregnancy. Her fitness online videos and DVDs are challenging and fun for pregnant women, new moms, or anyone who would like to work out from home. Follow along for Sara’s tricks and tips to get you in shape without having to trek to the gym.

With summer around the corner we are gearing up for bathing suit season. We want to focus on toning glutes, core, and arms. Can you give us three workouts to hit these areas?

  1. Here are some of my favorites for the booty (glutes): Sara Haley Better Booty Video.
  2. For the core, you can download my Say No To Crunches 28-day workout program for free.
  3. I also have an Upper Body Blast workout that people LOVE! It’s also free.

Also, Sweat Strength, my workout program available on my Sweat UNLIMITED DVD focuses on lower body for 5 minutes, upper body 5 minutes, and core 5 minutes, so in 15 minutes you’ll have worked everything! No equipment needed. When you buy Hint’s Kick and Hydrate Bundle, you’ll get this workout for free!

How often should we mix cardio and strength training exercises to tone?

As often as you can. In fact, it’s the only way I really train these days. When you’re short on time, the best way to go is mixing the two. Think about it: life is a mix of cardio and strength training, so the best way to train for life is to do just that. For instance, doing 2-3 strength training moves, followed by a cardio exercise to get the heart pumping harder, think of trying to go breathless.

To keep things simple: 20 squats (lower body), 10 pushups (upper body), 30-second plank (core), followed by 60 seconds of jumping jacks is the perfect circuit. Rest for 60 seconds and repeat 2-3 times.

Sweat Box on my Sweat UNLIMITED DVD does this for you, mixing boxing exercises with core strengthening moves. Again available, when you buy Hint’s Kick and Hydrate Bundle.

Can you give us three tips for healthy living?

  1. Move your body every day. It doesn’t have to be a workout, but get up and move! The body was meant to move, so MOVE!
  2. Surround yourself with like-minded people. If health and wellness are important to you, be with others who have similar goals. It’s hard to stay on track when you spend your time with people who feel otherwise or don’t support you.
  3. Hydrate! When you think you’re hungry, you’re often dehydrated. I just carry a Hint water in my purse at all times.

Sometimes it is hard to find time to work out. Can you give us your favorite exercise for someone on the run? 

Don’t hate me: It’s the burpee. It’s a total body move and will get your heart rate up as well. Done in one!

For those of us who plan to workout at home, what equipment should we purchase?

Honestly, you can do a ton with just your bodyweight. Check out my free Say No To Crunches Workout Challenge ideas. With that said the basics would be a yoga mat, free weights and resistance loop bands. I like using the resistance bands for exercises like these.

You are a mom. How do you involve and teach your kids about fitness and healthy living?

Just by doing it. I rarely break down exercises for my kids. They surprise me all the time. For instance, my oldest son, Landon grabbed my weights and just pulled out this exercise. I may have broken down the burpee at one time for him but they learn by example. We also had lots of talks about food when he was younger.

What is your favorite exercise to do while traveling (i.e. in a hotel room)? 

I have a few leg exercises I love to do while traveling or even on a lazy day at home. I call it the Lazy Mom workout.

What grab-and-go snack do you love and always keep on hand?

You mean besides Hint? Apples and almonds are big ones at our house. I’m also loving the new curated snack boxes by Graze.

We are in the midst of a playlist refresh. What are your three favorite workout songs?

These aren’t the newest songs on the block but they get me motivated every time:

  1. #thatPOWER by
  2. My Shot from the musical soundtrack Hamilton
  3. Explosive by BOND (It’s instrumental but super inspirational).

What are your favorite at-home workouts? Share below.