mini-caprese bites

5 Healthy, Quick Appetizers

We’re always looking for healthy quick (tasty!) appetizers. These five are our most recent favorites. They allow you to whip-up something delicious, but not spend hours in the kitchen, which honestly, who has time for?

Enjoy these 5 healthy, quick appetizers and let us know which you make!


taco salad mini-bites

5 healthy quick appetizers

1. )Taco Salad Mini Bites

We made vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions of these little bites and both are absolutely amazing! Have fun with them. They’ll for sure be a crowd pleaser! (via Food, Folks and Fun)


Mediterranean cucumber roll ups

2.) Mediterranean Cucumber Roll Ups

These are so fun, so tasty, and so easy to make! You’ll instantly fall in love. (via The Wholesome Dish)



proscuitto-wrapped greens

3.) Prosciutto-Wrapped Greens

Want something other than prosciutto and melon? Mix it up with these greens! You won’t be disappointed. Yum. (via Fine Cooking)



mini-caprese bites

4.) Mini Caprese Bites

Delicious and super simple, you can’t go wrong with these scrumptious little bites. Plus, they look super fancy! (via Framed Cooks)



hummus cupcakes

5.) Cucumber and Hummus Cupcakes

These are awesomely delicious and oh so fun! A totally new way that’ll knock the socks off your guests to serve hummus and cukes! Enjoy! (via Creative Kid Snacks)


Which will you try?