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Have 20 Minutes? You Can Lose Weight, Says This Top Equinox Trainer

There’s no need to handcuff yourself to the treadmill or spend more time at the gym than in your own home. You can sculpt your body and improve your health in just 20 minutes, and according to Equinox’s Major General of Fitness Geralyn Coopersmith. Referred to as “the trainer’s trainer,” Coopersmith is responsible for training all of the luxury gym’s trainers. Well + Good took us behind the scenes of her tried-and-tried 20-minute workout, which combines cardio and resistance training, and we’re sold. 

Coopersmith says this program is so effective and becoming a bigger and bigger trend in the fitness industry. “These 20-minute high-intensity workouts are not only efficient, they also really stoke the metabolic furnace,” she says. Not only will you burn calories more quickly, you will continue burning even at rest. During the 20-minute session, you can burn around 300-400 calories by completing a high-intensity interval or cardio circuit.

For effective use of your time, her number one tip is to make short workouts high in intensity. “[tweet_dis excerpt=”Intensity and duration should always be inverse to each other.”]Intensity and duration should always be inverse to each other[/tweet_dis],” she says. Short workouts should have almost no rest intervals and be a mix of fast-paced cardio and resistance training. She suggests using free weights, kettlebells, or TRX suspension training. “I love the TRX because it attaches to a door frame, and you can work your whole body in a metabolic circuit.”

This way of training is becoming more and more popular in fitness studios, like Equinox, and with celebrities and athletes alike. If you are not a member at a gym which offers these quickie workout programs, Coopersmith suggests using videos provided by TRX when you purchase equipment. She is also a big fan of workouts on YouTube, but as a precaution says to “just check that the person in the video has good credentials or some indication of certification.”

Besides the effectiveness and efficiency of these workouts, we have found that it is easy to set yourself up for an at-home sweat session. Try our favorite 20-minute, full-body workout, from NYC-based celebrity trainer Courtney Paul. (You may recognize him from Bravo’s reality show Work Out New York.) Paul packs in great moves in a small amount of time, making sure you get the most out of what you put in. For this workout, you’ll need a pair of challenging dumbbells and a lighter pair in case you need to swap. Plan to hit arms, abs, glutes, and legs in this fire-starter workout; You will feel the burn and see major results.

Make sure you learn how to properly hydrate for a workout, and stock up on hint® to keep yourself quenched.

Do you ever do high-intensity workouts? What do you like to do?