5 sure-fire ways to achieve clear, beautiful skin

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Achieve Clear, Beautiful Skin

Do you know what your largest and most visible organ of your body is? You guessed it – your skin! A person’s skin makes up for 15% of her body weight and renews itself every 28 days. Just as we try to be heart-healthy or care for other parts of our body, it’s so important to give attention to our skin which protects us everyday. Here are five sure-fire ways to achieve clear, beautiful skin that we swear by here at hint!


1. Hydrate


Ok, ok, maybe this tip was easy to guess. But do you know why water is vital to skin health? Studies show that water helps balance oil levels in the skin which reduces acne breakouts and blemishes. Also, water helps hydrate the skins pores to help them look plumper and minimize signs of aging.


Need some help getting in your h20? Here’s an easy way to keep yourself hydrated throughout the whole day. Put a glass of water on the nightstand next to your bed, so immediately when you wake up in the AM, you drink it and feel fresh and hydrated! Then, drink three to four glasses of water throughout the day, plus one before lunch and one before dinner. If this is hard for you, swap plain water for easy-to-down, refreshing hint water.


2. Take cool showers, not hot


Sure, hot, steaming showers might feel great in the shower, but the truth is, hot water dehydrates your skin super quick. Cool showers relieve your skin helping it feel fresh and clean. Furthermore, try using a baby shampoo or conditioner and hair products with soft, natural, or organic ingredients; avoid using ones with harsh chemicals that can damage your skin and the environment. Oatmeal shower scrubs also work well for the skin and can be made easily at home!


3. Use natural and moisturizing skincare products


Find skincare products that use natural ingredients without harsh chemicals. You may have to try a few before finding the one you like based on your skin type, whether that be oily, dry, or normal. Also, it’s so important to wear sunscreen if you’re going to be outside in the park, at the beach, or even just going for a walk. UV rays cause sunburn, wrinkles, and blemishes on the skin that damage your skin’s health.




4. Cut out sugar


Be mindful of your diet – specifically sugar intake from foods generally high in sugar, like sodas, juices, cereals, and granolas. But don’t forget about carbs, like breads and pastas that get broken down very quickly into our bodies as sugar or glucose.  Also, be weary of diet sweeteners. Research shows they train our bodies and brains to crave sweeter foods. A simple change when it comes to the most common culprits here – soda and juices and diet sodas – is swapping them for hint water or hint fizz. Here, you get the taste without calories, sugar or diet sweeteners .


5. Get some zzZZzz’s


While we sleep, our skin repairs itself; get less sleep, and the skin will feel stressed. Lack of sleep not only shows in bags under the eyes or grogginess, but also in the form of dry skin too. Strive to get at least eight hours a day – it may not sound easy, but our last tip may help you with this, also…


6. Exercise!


Breaking a sweat is a fun way to clean out your skin and get rid of toxins in your body. It’s almost like getting a mini facial! Exercise improves circulation and reduces stress which are two essential parts of skincare. Plus, there’s no excuse when there are so many options to choose from – pilates, Zumba, yoga, SoulCycle, hiking, etc. Not only that, it can help you sleep and feel more alert for the next day.


As you can probably tell, all these tips are linked together. Starting one by one and picking up each tip gradually to change for the better will become easier and more beneficial for you in the long run. Your body thanks you in advance!