4 healthy simple beauty swaps

4 Healthy Simple Beauty Swaps

Looking to upgrade to more holistic beauty products?

Here are 4 healthy simple beauty swaps.


Swap This: Eye Makeup Remover
For This: Almond Oil

Mainstream eye makeup removers can contain over fifteen ingredients! Even products labeled as “gentle” can be full of parabens and other toxins. To use almond oil as an eye makeup remover, simply place a nickel-sized amount onto a cotton ball or cotton swab and gently pat around your eye area. Be careful not to get the oil into your eye. After using, rinse gently with water.


Swap This: Exfoliating Cleansers
For this: Natural Fiber Loofah Rounds + Organic Face Wash

Exfoliating is an important part of a healthy skin care routine but many exfoliating face washes contain microbeads, which experts say pollute our water and food supply. It is easy to use your natural face wash as an exfoliating cleanser by using loofah rounds to apply your face wash when you want to exfoliate. Simply run the loofah under water to soften and apply a small amount of cleanser before washing. Apply gently and replace loofah rounds every few months.


Swap This: Commercial Perfume
For This: DIY Perfume with Essential Oils

It is no secret that what goes on our bodies is just as important as what goes in our bodies. Unfortunately, many commercial perfumes use harmful ingredients to make lasting, strong scents. A DIY perfume with essential oils can be a cost-effective and safe alternative.

To make your own perfume, mix 12-20 drops of a base essential oil, like jojoba or vanilla essential oil, with 25-30 drops of a middle tone essential oil, like rose or lavender, into a dark spray bottle. Add 4 oz. of alcohol to preserve and shake to combine. After a few weeks, the alcohol scent will fade and the essential oil scents will intensify. Feel free to play with proportions and scents! All ingredients and materials can be found at most natural food stores.


Swap This: Commercial Face Toner
For This: Rosewater

The skincare market is bursting with hundreds of facial toners that cater to many different skin types. Unfortunately, as with many beauty products, toners can contain harmful perfumes and parabens that are not safe for your skin. Rosewater is a gentle alternative for all skin types. Rosewater may reduce inflammation, irritation, and has anti-bacterial properties. Be sure to find a product containing only pure rosewater or rosewater mixed with glycerin or witch hazel, which also benefit and protect skin.