5 Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes Even Carnivores Will Love

Today is World Vegan Day, and the start of Vegan Month, so we have our minds turned to delicious recipes that are free of animal products. Whether you consider yourself a vegan, or you’re a bona fide carnivore, you’ll drool over these mouthwatering meals.


Easy Vegan French Toast

A plate of warm French toast is one of the best ways to start the morning, it’s not exactly vegan-friendly. When we discovered this easy vegan French toast—which is dairy-free, eggless, soy-free, nut-free, and can be made gluten-free—we nearly died and went to heaven. Made with chickpea flour, rice milk, and vegan butter, and topped with maple syrup, fruit, and coconut yogurt, it’s a decadent eye-opener.

Vegan Chickpea Omelet

Everyone knows the best thing about an omelet is the toppings you choose to top and fill it with. So skip the eggs and go with this vegan chickpea omelet; It uses chickpea flour in pancake to replicate the folded-over look and texture of an omelet. Stuff it and top it with whatever veggies you love.


Vegan Buddha Bowl

We’ve talked about the lunch bowl trend before—these dishes filled with veggies, herbs, beans, and grains are one of the easiest ways to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet. Made with fluffy quinoa, crispy spiced chickpeas, and mixed greens, and topped with a mouthwatering red pepper sauce, this vegan Buddha bowl is one of the most enticing iterations we’ve seen.

Italian-Style Chickpea Burgers

Craving a burger with juicy caramelized onions and your favorite sauces? Whip up some Italian-style chickpea burgers, with are made with made with chickpeas and assorted seasonings, and topped with roasted red pepper hummus and fresh basil leaves. Delicious!


Veggie Balls in Creamy Masala Sauce

The flavors and richness of Indian dishes are practically unrivaled and make a great candidate for meat-free dishes. Made with brown rice, chickpeas, onions, carrots, nutritional yeast, and spices, these veggie balls in a creamy masala sauce have the consistency of real meatballs will be enjoyed by vegans and meat eaters alike.

What are your favorite vegan recipes?

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