Here’s the Summer Dish You Should Cook, According to your Favorite Netflix Show

With summer right around the corner, it’s important to know which ingredients are fresh this season. Sure, a trip to the farmer’s market will guarantee you a fresh meal, but the hardest part of that trip is not only waking up early to go, it’s actually choosing what to bring home to cook! Here is our list of some of the tastiest ingredients of summer and how you can use them to cook up yummy dishes. Don’t know which one to try first? We all love food, we all love Netflix… base your choice off of your favorite binge-worthy Netflix show and you can eat a healthy meal while you watch.

Orange is the New Black

Although they may not have fresh apricots in prison, this bright orange fruit is your go-to snack for summer. This vibrant summer fruit is a great way to take in nutrients while enjoying a sweet treat. The fruit is rich in antioxidants, which is key for getting rid of toxins in the body. To stay healthy and avoid the jailhouse blues we suggest this no-bake energy bar.

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The Crown

Artichokes grew in King Henry VII garden in 1530 before they were brought over to America. The artichoke is the perfect early summertime vegetable. It can be steamed and eaten as a main dish, or be used as a topping. A popular way to have this vegetable is using it as a topping on a pizza. It would pair well with pesto or with oil olive as a base. Feel royal while watching The Crown by eating an artichoke.

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Olivia Pope’s diet may only be butter popcorn and red wine, but if you are looking to add some veggies (and keep the butter), butter lettuce is a perfect choice. This summertime lettuce is an underrated green veggie. It is more tender than any other lettuce and has a ton of Vitamin C in its leaves. A good way to incorporate this product in with your diet is lettuce wraps with chicken. Grill the chicken, toss it with a dressing, roll it up in some butter lettuce. During your Scandal watch party, serve up these chicken wraps— a much healthier option than the other buttery choice.

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New Girl

Schmidt is constantly munching on bougie food in the apartment, so we wouldn’t be surprised if stuffed bell peppers ended up on his plate. Bell peppers are a great way to incorporate your whole dinner into one dish. Because of its fresh taste and colorful appearance, this is a dish that can be a potluck favorite. This is our recommendation for the tastiest pepper, stuffed with all the best ingredients. Good luck getting Nick, Winston, and Coach to catch on. Although, if they did, he’d probably cry tears of joy.

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Chandler Bing may hate everything to do with Thanksgiving, but we sure don’t. And I’m sure Monica would love to add some green beans onto his plate. Forget soggy, unflavored green beans from a can. We have the perfect way to revamp the old classic. These greens are in season from May through September, so you have plenty of time to try them. It’s important to incorporate these into your diet because they are known for decreasing the risk of heart disease and stroke, plus they are low in calories. This is a great way to add flavor to this side dish. Serve up a big batch to your friends, and it will be a staple for any get-together.

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Grey’s Anatomy

Even though Derek, George, Alex, Richard and the other men of Seattle Grace Hospital can’t have a successful camping trip, that doesn’t mean you should rule out fishing for halibut. Even if you dislike the fishy flavor of seafood, give halibut a try. Halibut is a tender, white mild fish, and is being caught daily in Alaska since fishing season kicked off earlier in May. They have almost all of the essential vitamins and nutrients you should be adding to your diet, including B12— which is key for digestion and healthy hair, B6—which controls liver function, and B3— a nutrient to keep your heart healthy. Here’s a classic way to cook fish with a citrus twist. It’s a highly vitamin-rich food that the doctors at Seattle Grace would highly recommend.

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Stranger Things

Put down the waffles. Why eat a processed breakfast treat when you can snack on all-natural delicious jicama? Even a demagorgon would approve. This crunchy root—having the consistency similar of a potato – is native to South America, and is the perfect low-cal snack. It is high in fiber, boosts energy, and strengthens the immune system. Like spicy snacks? This one’s for you. Don’t let this odd-sounding food scare you off, it’s just here to help you with all of its magical powers.

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The true star of this mysterious show is the milkshakes! Although some of the characters opt for chocolate and vanilla, the bright red from a strawberry milkshake is iconic on the show. Add a bright pop of color to your plate by adding strawberries! Packed with Vitamin C, this fruit can be added to almost anything. Adding them as a topping to yogurt for breakfast is a sweet pairing that is perfection. Here’s a healthier alternative to a classic strawberry milkshake. *Cheers* from Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe!

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Fuller House

What better way to bring the family together than over a rhubarb dessert? This summertime treat can be used as a twist on an old classic. Try rhubarb crisp instead of a pie — add cherries if you want it more tart — top with granola and oats and bake. Guaranteed to please a crowd! We know Michelle, Stephanie and Kimmy would be dancing over this one.

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The Office

Although you may only see the co-stars of The Office with packed lunches and leftovers, we have a new ingredient to add to your work lunch — zucchini. Zucchini is a hearty and healthy alternative to pasta. Some of the best ways to serve it is by steaming it, or by making zoodles. Make sure to write your name down on your lunch bag, because this will have all your coworkers picking through the company fridge to find your lunch.

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Next time you are at the farmers market, ask yourself, “What would McDreamy eat?”

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