labor day favorites

Friday 5: Labor Day Favorites

In honor of Labor Day, our Friday 5 is dedicated to Labor Day awesomeness.


fruit flag

1.) Create a Fruit Flag:  Lay on the charm with this amazingly simple (and delicious) “fruit flag.” Made of nothing but real whole fruit – the way we like it! (via Spoonful)


hint mojito

2. ) Enjoy a Healthy hint Cocktail! Want to enjoy a cocktail without added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and a bunch of other fake stuff?  We’ve got you covered! Check out our healthy hint cocktails – we’re obsessed with the strawberry-kiwi hint mojito! (via


Screenshot 2014-08-29 11.32.22

3.) Savor Skinny BBQ Chicken Kabobs:  Tired of cooking burgers at every pool party? Check out these chicken kabobs! Lots of flavor + lots of taste while being waistline friendly. Yes please! (via SkinnyMom)


place settings

4.) Decorate with Fun Table Settings:  All you need are three ingredients for these cute lil’ guys! A mason jar, silverware, and a fun bandana! They’ll liven up any get together! (via Pinterest)


watermelon pops

5.) Make Watermelon Pops: Enjoy the last of watermelon season by making these simple fruit treats! All you need is a watermelon, a star cookie-cutter, and popsicle sticks! (via everyday celebrating).

How will you celebrate Labor Day?