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5 Foodies You MUST Follow on Instagram

Scrolling through Instagram, I drool over insane milkshake floats, big pasta dishes, and even bigger cheeseburgers and cookies. While these foodie accounts are easy on the eyes, they aren’t helping my beach body makeover. So this spring I have decided to focus my spring cleaning on my social media accounts. I am weeding out and unfollowing the accounts I don’t need and adding in clean, inspirational Instagrammers who post healthy and beautiful meals. Eating right does not need to be boring, or unattractive. For a fresh-faced Instagram for spring follow these five accounts.

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With over 1 million followers we know that Ella Woodward’s food loving account is a must follow. She posts daily snapshots of her vegetable-driven meals and delivers inspirational quotes about living a healthy, balanced life. Ella’s diet is free of dairy, gluten, added sugars, and meat so we know what to expect with each post. She refers to her colorful lunches as “rainbow bowls,” and they are typically packed with ingredients like quinoa, avocado, tomatoes, and chickpeas. As Ella puts it she is “working to make vegetables cool.”

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Steph Yu of @happyandhealthy96 travels the world trying all different healthy food options. She proves that being a vegan is anything but boring; from pesto momos (similar to a dumpling) in Nepal to blueberry banana ice cream in Vancouver, she has the food pyramid covered. She has great tips for ordering vegan out while traveling and creating your own meals at home. For a food and travel bucket list, she is a must follow.

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If you are looking for quick and easy post-gym meals, follow Dana @minimalistbaker. She creates and posts daily drool-worthy recipes which follow these guidelines: simple, delicious recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, one bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare. What is not to like? Eating clean does not need to be bland or time-consuming, and it definitely does not need to be monotonous, as Dana proves. These fun, unique, and yummy recipes will help you stick with your diet.

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The @sproutedkitchen is run by Sara Forte, this wife and mama knows how important eating a clean, balanced diet is for her family. She believes everyone should be eating product which is in season and local when possible. Her goal is to “make food taste good through natural ingredients: whole grains, healthy fats, natural sugar alternatives.” She links her daily snapshots to recipes on her blog. For creative meals for the entire family, follow Sara.

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For healthy vegetarian recipes and inspiration follow Sarah of @mynewroots, she’ll list the best organic teas, her favorite juices and of course tons of great recipes to follow. Some of our favorites are her beautifully created breakfasts, like a chia seed pudding with mango, banana, toasted coconut, bee pollen, and lime juice. If that doesn’t have spring written all over it, I don’t know what does.

Which foodies do you love to follow on Instagram? Share below!