Friday 5: Salmon and Avocado Bowl

Our favorite links of the week! We especially dig the salmon and avocado bowl. Enjoy!


1.) A Better Way to Introduce Your Friends at Parties

Think you’re introducing your friends properly? We guarantee that this beautiful post will leave you thinking otherwise (via Storyline)


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2.) Maroon 5 – Sugar (music video)

This video is so fun you will be smiling and dancing throughout – at least we were! (via Maroon 5)


salmon and avocado bowl

3.) Whole Grain Salmon and Avocado Bowl

A simple, easy, healthy recipe. You really can’t ask for more. (via Set the Table)


4 fall soups

4.) 4 Comforting Fall Soups

It’s still chilly out! Warm up with these tasty and healthy soups! Obsessed with the minestrone! (via Tone It Up)



5.) Valentine’s Day Fruits with Messages 

Make your Valentine laugh and smile with these fruity messages! (via cake whiz)

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  1. Craig
    Craig says:

    I think the article about a better way to introduce friends is wonderful. My situation has been a little different. I am 7 feet tall, and introductions have seldom gotten past the weather up here, my basketball experiences, and bumping my head. It would be nice to discuss the other things that make me, me.

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