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Friday 5: A Taste of Autumn

It’s Friday and you know what that means (besides TGIF!) … We’re back with our favorite links from around the web!


fall wreath

1.) Fall Wreath

September 23rd is the official first day of autumn! With Fall just around the corner coupled with the fact that we’re hopeless DIY folks, we’re obsessed with this Fall wreath. Isn’t it super cute? (via Cherished Bliss)



citrus labels

2.) DIY All Purpose Citrus Cleaner

We love this environmentally (and human) friendly cleaner plus the amazing labels and instructions that come along with it! Kiss harsh chemicals and ingredients you can’t pronounce (yay!) goodbye! (via Style Me Pretty)



in season

3.) Seasonal Ingredients + Recipes

Interested in eating closer to the way Mother Nature intended? Check out what’s in season now and find fun new recipes to match what’s in season! (via BBC)


23 ways to make chips without potato chips

4.) 23 Delicious Ways to Make Chips Without Potatoes

Confession: chips (of any sort, really) are our biggest weakness. We love the taste, crunch, texture…  So when we saw these bad boys (chips made mostly of veggies), we jumped for joy (via Buzzfeed Life).


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5.) The Watchful Guardians of Apricot Lane Farms

What if we have this whole happiness thing wrong? The pups in this beautiful segment teach us a life lesson (via OWN TV).


What would you add to this list?!