8 Healthy Workplace Food Options

So, you’ve decided 2018 is your year to get healthy and stick to those diet goals you’ve been procrastinating since last spring. You clean out your fridge, and stock up at Whole Foods to make sure everything from your staple carbs to your condiments are all organic and low cal.

The only problem is you spend almost all your waking hours at work. Which means either packing your own lunch (note: you won’t do this) or working with your workplace food options.

Lucky for you, the days of coffee and takeout fueled workaholism have given way to healthier food options, as offices finally seem to understand humans need more than empty calories and caffeine to keep (healthily) humming. So take notes, here are 8 of our office kitchen favorites to leave your bad eating habits back in 2017.

1. Greek Yogurt

High in protein, low in sugar and – most importantly – delicious, Greek yogurts like Chobani and Fage have become staples in office fridges. The up to 23g of protein per serving makes them an excellent breakfast (many fitness gurus recommend 30g), and additions like fruit, granola or chia seeds give them a great variety of flavors.

2. Carrots

Remember when we were told as a kid that eating carrots were good for night vision? Well, now we need the vitamin A loaded vegetables more than ever to heal our light-bombarded eye membranes from the constant presence of cell phone screens. Plus they’re low in calories, and high in fiber and anti-oxidants – making them a natural detoxifier. If your office manager needs some leads on where to start with single packs of carrots, check out Grimmway Farms.

3. Rice Crackers

Sometimes you just want a snack, snack. Like the chips and crackers type of snack you got psychologically imprinted in your appetite from 12 years of primary school education. Luckily, brands like such as Kame and Laiki have developed low-calorie rice cracker alternatives to satisfy your chip craving, without the greasy guilt stuck to your fingertips afterward. No wiping necessary.

4. Nuts!

Pistachios, almonds, cashews — we could go on. The point is, there’s a nut for every taste bud, and they’re high in 2 great things: protein and natural omega-3 fats (the kind your brain needs). Only caveat: nuts are pretty caloric, meaning use them sparingly if you’re on a strictly slimming down diet.

5. Hard-boiled Eggs

While the 2-packs of hard-boiled eggs have become a hit in many offices due to their staple as a bulking diet item, we admit their flavor can get – how should we say – redundant. Mix it up by putting them into salad, making a sandwich or take ‘em straight with a little salt, pepper or hot sauce.

6. Pressed Bars

Everyone’s got their pick. Some like Clif, others Luna or RX; others probably one of the dozens we have yet to try. And they’re popular for a reason: they’re portable, compact and tend to have lots of flavor options (unfortunately not as much variety on texture). Narrow down your choices based on what factors are most important for you (typically sugar vs. protein content) and then let your tongue do the rest of choosing for you.

7. Fruit

Nature’s original healthy snack, raw fruits (not to be confused with their sweetened, bottled juices) are low in calories, and high in vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. The result is a snack that helps to prevent diabetes and heart disease – while tasting simply delicious.

8. Hint Water

Did you know lingering hunger after a meal often means you’re still thirsty? Get the recommended 8 glasses of water you’re always struggling with – with any one of Hint’s 20+ flavors of zero-calorie fruit infused waters in still, carbonated and lightly-caffeinated varieties. Great flavor to sip on throughout the day, with none of the calories (or yucky artificial sweeteners).

Office managers take note: you can now subscribe to hint and save up to 20% off every order while enjoying the convenience of having hint delivered automatically to your workplace.

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  1. Natalie Clower
    Natalie Clower says:

    Praise God for Hunt!! I have auto immune deficiency and with that comes alot of sickness, like colds,flus, etc.. recently my protein levels were very high actually way over normal healthy range . So my Doctor made it very clear alot if water and I’m thinking ugh. I don’t like diet flavorings and so I thought I’ll try Hint strawberry kiwi my number one favorite!! And fell in love even to the point of going to 3 different states to fund different flavors. True statement!! Thank you all so much for saving my life , kidneys, and liver, FYI protein levels note stay normal range!! Yeppie!!

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