3 Recipes to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo the Hint Healthy Way!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Who doesn’t love a good, Mexican meal, and today’s the perfect excuse to indulge! Wait…did we say indulge, well with these recipes you will only FEEL like you are indulging, they are delicious and hint-healthy approved!

1. Chickpea, Avocado, & Feta Salad

You only need 5 minutes to make this festive, delicious salad! Check out the recipe on Two Peas and Their Pod!


2. Fish Tacos with Creamy Lime Guacamole and Cabbage Slaw

It’s Cinco de Mayo, you need to get your hands on a taco! But with all the toppings, and sometimes hidden ingredients, tacos can sometimes be calorie overload! Check out Food and Wine’s recipe for a healthy, but still drool-worthy grilled fish taco!


3. Mango-Grapefruit Margarita Madness

What’s Cinco de Mayo without a margarita! This is the perfect recipe for the occasion, paired with a hint of natural sweetness and the tart of lime to go down smoothly. Bonus: Most margaritas pack on the sugar and end up well over 400 calories a pop. This margarita, sits well on the waist!











Serves 1

1.5 ounces fresh-squeezed lime juice

1.5 ounces HINT Water Mango-Grapefruit

1.5 ounces premium tequila

0.5 ounces triple sec

dash (or 1/2 tablespoon) of Grand Marnier (optional)

1-2 lime slices



In a shaker, combine fresh-squeezed lime juice, HINT Water Mango-Grapefruit, tequila, triple sec and Grand Marnier, if desired. Let sit. Fill a glass (preferably chilled) with ice and strain the contents of the strainer into the glass. Garnish with lime. Enjoy!