5 Cooking Trends That Will Shape Flavor in 2017

Just as Pantone forecasts a color of the year (“Greenery” for 2017), McCormick Spices also provides us with a yearly Flavor Forecast of what they predict will be the most influential trends shaping flavor in the coming year. For 2017, the Maryland-based spice manufacturer has identified five trends to eat and cook with in the coming year.

1. Spicing up breakfast with “rise and shine to global taste.” The typical American breakfast of cold cereal or a bar can be boring and leave us hangry at 10 a.m. The global taste trend suggests trying some more filling breakfasts from around the world. From sweet congee (rice porridge) to savory hash, these foods are packed with protein and fiber to keep you fuller longer.

2. Taking a lesson from Spain, Mexico, and France with “flat-out grilling” on a plancha. This technique of grilling on a solid, flat surface allows you to sear in spice without adding much (if any) extra fat.

3. Moving away from demonizing the tastiest part of eggs with “egg yolks: the sunny side of flavor.” Nutritionists and the food industry spent the better part of the ’80s and ’90s demonizing fat and popularizing egg white omelettes. Now that we know that there’s is little association between dietary fat intake and poor health, bring on the yolks! The flavor forecast recommends uses beyond breakfast, like cured egg yolk, that can be grated over pasta.

4. “Modern Med,” which combines traditional dishes from Western Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean region to create comforting and novel recipes. The barberry, a dried, tart fruit typically found in Persian food, is a great introduction to this flavor palate.

5. Finding an unexpected use for an everyday spice with “sweet on pepper.” Combining this typically bitter spice with fruit (McCormick suggests strawberries and dragonfruit) creates a much more complex flavor profile.

Have you tried any of these new flavor trends? Let us know in the comments below!