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Cut Sugar from Your Summer BBQ

The weathers heating up, we’re spending more time outside, and we can’t help but have BBQ on our minds. You can’t beat the feeling of a stomach full of freshly grilled food and all your favorite BBQ snacks. However, these can be loaded with unexpected sugars that kill your efforts of keeping healthy this summer. Here are a few ways to make the switch from sugary BBQ staples to delicious and healthy options.

Smoky Hot BBQ Sauce
Barbecue sauce is the signature flavor of BBQ meals, but is surprisingly full of added sugars. This sauce saves the smoky flavor, but cuts out unwanted sugars so you can enjoy your cook-out sugar free. All that’s left to do is pair it with your favorite meat! Check out how to make it here.

Homemade Pickles

Pickles are another BBQ staple that can have tons of hidden sugars. Making your own is a great way to avoid that sugar and fool all your friends into thinking you are a great chef. They are super easy to make and taste great! Check out the recipe here.

Sodas or lemonade may satisfy a sweet-tooth, but they can be the main source of sugar in your meal. Cut out the sugar while still maintaining the refreshing and delicious parts, by choosing hint water! Our watermelon flavor is perfect for the BBQ vibe. Order a case here or find nearest store carrying hint water here.

Ice cream may seem like the perfect way to cool down at the end of your BBQ, but loaded with added sugars it can spoil your diet. Instead of traditional ice cream, try making the switch to banana ice cream. This delicious treat is made with a base of frozen bananas and you can add in your favorite fruits for an extra punch of flavor. Get the recipe here!

Now you are ready to take on the season with the best BBQ recipes while kicking sugar to the curb! Be sure to post photos of hint water at your next BBQ with the hashtag #drinkhint.