5 sugarless summer recipes

Five Sugarless Summer Recipes

Summer means nice weather, time off, and an abundance of delicious fresh fruits! Markets and farms are thriving with produce ready to be used in healthy, natural recipes. Here are our five favorite recipes using summer fruits.


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This recipe has only four ingredients and NO SUGAR!! It’s easy and healthy! Enjoy this jam on toast, crackers, or in yogurt or other recipes. It’s a great alternative to store-bought jam that is typically filled with sugar and preservatives.



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Homemade dinner on a hot summer night calls for a cucumber salad! This recipe includes tomatoes and onions, and it’s sugar-free! Put it on the side of fish, pasta, chicken, eat it as a snack– whatever your heart desires!



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It doesn’t get much easier than this! This recipe has only four ingredients, and all you have to do is blend them together! And guess what?! It’s sugar free (are you sensing a pattern?)! Start your day off with this smoothie, or enjoy it as an afternoon snack. Either way, it’s healthy, easy, and delicious!



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Add a little spice to your summer with this recipe! This mango salsa will add excitement to any snack, happy hour, or dinner you have! Share with guests, or make just enough for yourself. Either way, you’ll enjoy this summer twist on a classic dip.



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Another way to add some spice to your life is with these watermelon wedges. The sweet and spicy flavors are a great combination that are bound to satisfy your cravings. Enjoy as a nice afternoon snack.
Enjoy all these recipes with hint water! Each one of the featured fruits is a flavor of hint, so you have the perfect drink to complement whatever you decide to make.