how to never skip a workout

Having a Hard Time Getting to the Gym? Read This

Know you need to get to the gym, but have a ridiculously hard time making it happen? While we can’t personally make sure you make your sweat session a reality, we can offer up some tips to help.

Below are six expert tips on how to never skip a workout.


1. Tell yourself to go for 15 minutes and if you don’t like it, you can quit.

After the hard part of getting your gear on, walking through those doors and warming up, the likelihood you actually quit after those fifteen minutes is very slim.


2. Look online for motivation.

Pinterest in particular is chock-full of inspiration. Just search “fitness” or take a peek at our fitspiration board and you’ll be ready to go.


3. Gently ease yourself into it.

First put on your workout clothes. If you’re alright with that, lace up your sneakers. Soon enough you’ll be on the treadmill, sweating it up.


4. Treat yo’ self (and often)!

Studies have shown that most women save rewards for gigantic milestones that are primarily goal-oriented (like losing 10 pounds or dropping several dress sizes). It’s great to have goals, but try rewarding yourself for behavior-oriented milestones, like hitting the gym three days a week. Focusing on behavior-oriented milestones will help you achieve your goal-oriented ones, and make it more likely you won’t skip your sweat session.


5. Make a rockin’ playlist.

Download new music and mix it in with your favorites to make a great playlist. Then, promise yourself to only listen to it once you get moving at the gym. It’ll make your trip to the gym something you can look forward to.


6. Post to a social media site that you are heading to the gym that day.

Your announcement essentially serves as a commitment contract, since research has shown we follow through with pledges if they are made in front of friends.


Hopefully these helpful tricks will get you motivated. Let us know if they worked for you!