jessica randazza

The 3-Question Interview with Jessica Randazza

1. What’s your superpower? 

To be present. As we integrate more and more with technology it is becoming increasingly difficult to put down the devices that distract us and tune in fully to conversations and experiences. When I finally made up my mind last year to enjoy the place where I was at any given time I started to be told more and more often that I possessed this extreme “intensity”. I finally realized that that “intensity” is my ability to fully engage, listen, and learn.


2. What is the best thing since sliced bread?

If not giving the obvious answer (of my smart phone), then I’d have to say my Mizuno running shoes. They transport me comfortably where ever I want to go, and they endure. They’re even made out of recycled plastic water bottles!


3. What is the craziest advice you have received? Did it work? When I was debating between going back to corporate or taking the leap in to a startup I reached out to one of my mentors, who happens to be one of the smartest people I know. She said, “Don’t leap, dive. All in. Fall in love with building, and feel the heartache of it not happening fast enough. Get skills you never dreamed of, and learn more about yourself than you could ever imagine.” Dive in, I did.

jessica randazzaJessica Randazza serves as Chief Marketing Officer and founding member of OfferBoard, a small securities private placement platform. In that role she is premier strategic and marketing lead for emerging and small businesses with extensive knowledge in business development and market positioning.

Before joining OfferBoard, Jessica served as Vice President & partner for Interference Inc. and The Supertouch Group. Focusing on driving social communication, and developing interactive marketing with technology outputs, each unique experience Jessica crafts is built with the promise of creating digital buzz and scaling through word-of-mouth. With extensions in digital, marketing, social communications, influencer engagement and public relations. Jessica is someone who really gets creative interactive marketing and how to build dead-on strategic campaigns.

Prior to Interference + Supertouch, Jessica helped lead the founding of the social communications team at Digitas in New York. Her work has included brands such as Showtime, Whirlpool, Kraft, Diageo, American Express, Gawker, Nestlé, and Old Navy.

Jessica is an engaged lead in the global startup community, advising marketing communications and strategy for companies in a number of industries and serves as active judge in a number of startup competitions such as Startup Weekend, TechCocktail, and Startup America.

Jessica is a graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and a vegetarian cook extraordinaire.