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5 Best Gifts to Give to Your Customers

Originally posted on LinkedIn

It’s better to give than to receive. This has been a banner year for Hint Water ( and I couldn’t be more thrilled—or eager to show customers how much they mean to me.

During the holiday season, a little bit of customer appreciation can help drive sales well into the new year. Talk about a win-win situation for everyone!

After all, in the effort to attract new customers, we shouldn’t ignore the ones who were there from the very beginning—and have stuck with us. When you express your gratitude to a customer, it also makes them trust you (and like your products) more. Plus, we all know it’s much harder to acquire a new customer than to generate sales from an existing one.

Here’s how to show them you really care…and boost your bottom line.

5 best gifts to give to your customers.


1. Offer Referral Rewards

The highest compliment you can receive is a referral to your business. This gesture deserves recognition in the form of a thank you email, discount on services or a gift card.


2. Throw Customer Appreciation Events

Block out a day or two each year (or maybe once a season) to celebrate your clients. This could take the form of an invite to a secret sale, free samples or food if your business has a brick-and-mortar store or a special gift for customers who have signed up for your mailing list.


3. Give Customer Shout-Outs

Engage with them via Twitter to let them know how much they mean to you. Or, feature specific customers on a dedicated portion of your website. This makes people feel valued and gives them a sense of pride in doing business with you.


4. Start a Loyalty Program

You probably already know who your rockstar clients are. Now it’s time to give them star status by enrolling them into a VIP rewards program. People love the red carpet treatment, which is why Amazon’s Prime membership, FreshDirect’s Chef’s Table membership and the Zappos VIP program are all so popular. You don’t have to create anything too complex; it can be as simple as offering customers a discount or a giftcard on their anniversary.


5. Dish out a Discount

As a thank you for everyone who’s read my LinkedIn posts this year, I’d like to offer you a special coupon code for Hint water. Just pop in the code LINKEDIN for 10% off at Happy holidays!

– Kara, Founder and CEO of Hint Water