The Most Overlooked Places in Your Home to Spring Clean

The clocks have changed and the Spring Equinox is just around the corner. That means, it’s time to prep our homes for the spring season by freshening up the closets, doing a little purging where necessary, and adding some brightness for the longer days and warmer weather ahead. Don’t limit your spring cleaning to the garage and your wardrobe; Hitting each nook of your home will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle what spring and summer have to offer. “Your entire house does not need to be perfect, but if you remember to focus on these small areas one at a time, the larger rooms won’t seem so overwhelming when tackling spring cleaning,” says Lauryn Galda of Lauryn Galda Organizational Design.

Spring Cleaning Tips


It is easy to stock up your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets, especially for us at-home-chefs, with spices, condiments and everything else from meat to vegetables. As your first step to spring cleaning this year, hit the fridge. Check expiration dates on everything, and if you don’t remember when you bought it, throw it out.

Lauryn suggests “organizing the shelves and drawers based on product type and facing the bottles outward or upward so you can see what you already have.” To keep your fridge looking just as sparkling all year take inventory before grocery shopping so you don’t have extras—you will save money and space.

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Silverware and Utensil Drawer

Your family goes into this drawer at least twice a day so it should be one of the major focuses of your kitchen cleaning and one of the quickest. Lauryn has found that because many of her clients are in and out of the silverware drawer so often it “sometimes becomes a junk drawer. Take five minutes to clear out the unnecessary straws, paper napkins, and corks and quickly vacuum the bottom of the drawer to remove any dust, and you will be good to go.”

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Bathroom Closet

If you have old, stained towels that you barely use, Lauryn says it’s simple: “Throw them out!” Or better yet, donate them to an animal shelter. She believes your home should be an approachable, bright, and happy environment and keeping around old and unnecessary items will inhibit you from creating the best space possible. Also, try to get rid of hotel-sized shampoo and conditioner bottles which have been hanging around too long. “Although they are small, they are still taking up space” she notes. “Try to consolidate any of your bathroom products, like soaps or hair products, which only have a tiny amount left.”

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Underwear Drawer

“Obviously some people are uncomfortable with me helping in this department,” Lauryn says, “but if you have a few minutes, go through your underwear drawer every few months. Throw out the one sock that doesn’t have a match or the pair of tights with a run in the leg.” She has found that although it is a personal space the underwear drawer is one that everyone should be giving a makeover to. With summer on the way swap out your winter flannels for lightweight pajamas. “Typically this is a drawer that things are just thrown into and you don’t get to see everything you have,” says Lauryn. [tweet_dis excerpt=””Being able to see what you own is one of the most important parts to clean and resourceful living.” →”]Being able to see what you own is one of the most important parts to clean and resourceful living.[/tweet_dis]

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Magazine Rack

“If you are like my grandmother, you still have magazines from 1997. Completely unnecessary! Go through your magazine rack and weed out the old. If there is an article or picture you want to save, tear out that one page, take a picture of it, or scan it,” Lauryn says. Magazines and newspapers are big and heavy, take up a lot of room, and the paper starts to get ratty and discolored. If there really is an article you would like to save you can keep it in tact and protected in folders and organized in a binder so you will always know where to find it.

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