5 Simple Tricks for Bright Skin and Shiny Hair

Beauty routines don’t need to be large-scale productions which take hours out of our days, leave our skin partially glowing and our wallets fully empty. For those of you who are in the endless search for bright skin and shiny hair, follow these simple tips. I have hit the web to glean the best morning and night treatments from beauty insiders, bloggers, and our favorite celebrities. Here are five tried-and-true treatments that truly work and are just as simple as they are beautiful.

While You Sleep

We all know the saying “get your beauty rest,” and nine times out of 10, it may have been our mothers’ excuse to get us into bed at a reasonable hour. As we grow older, we have learned that in fact rest does leave us decidedly more fresh-faced come morning. A recent Well + Good article tapped Miami–based dermatologist, Dr. Christopher O’Connell, to fill us in on what we should be doing while catching Zzz’s. “Nighttime treatments are great for detoxifying and hydrating the skin after a long day of exposure to sun, wind, and chemical stressors,” he says. “It gives more time for your skin to achieve hydration from absorption and for the treatment to draw out toxins.”

Try it: Pura Botanicals Overnight Watermelon Mask

When You Wake

If you follow Julia Engel, fashion and lifestyle blogger behind Gal Meets Glam, you know one thing is for sure: her skin glows. For beauty tips and tricks keep her blog bookmarked, and make note of her luminous skin, long luscious hair, and rosy cheeks. Julia says she has dry, sensitive skin and is always on the hunt for products that bring hydration and a dewiness to her skin. As an Instagram cover girl, she is always in front of the camera so we trust her beauty routine. Try a few of her favorite cleansers, masks, and moisturizers. The cleanser she uses in the morning, Detoxifying Black Cleanser by Boscia, really does wonders and doesn’t leave your face feeling tight or overly dry.

Try it: Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser

Everyday Tricks

She is our favorite fitness motivator, country singer, and beauty icon; Carrie Underwood always seems to look, well… damn good. Two years ago, this supermom launched fitness line Calia and loves sharing her fitness tips and her low-key beauty routine with Elle. So how can you get luminous skin like Carrie? “Drink water! Drinking water, I think, is amazing,” she says. “Water has ridiculous benefits for every single part of your body. That’s the first thing I notice if my skin looks dull: I realize I haven’t been drinking enough.”

Try it: Hint® Water Variety Pack

Weekly Repair

Since being introduced to Ouai products, made by celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, I’ve been obsessed. This haircare line smells amazing and feels gentle on our hair, but does wonders to make it look shiny, bright, and healthy. Do you ever have the feeling that your hair just looks and feels dull? Go for one of Ouai’s healing masques, which can repair hair within minutes. You can even use the masque while you work out, Jen says: “Headed to the gym or spa? Work my treatment through strands before a sweat session and let the heat help it penetrate your hair, then rinse.”

Try it: Ouai Treatment Masque

Everyday Hair Tricks

InStyle claims that Australia has the best hair products that we haven’t yet tried—and they may be right. The Kevin.Murphy haircare line has us sold, and we are using it in every daily wash. The celebrity stylist has worked on shoots for every major global publication and found that the right product he needed for such shoots was not on the market. He created his own line which he describes as “skin care for your hair,” so you can imagine just how gentle it is for your hair and scalp. Use the product matchmaker to find the perfect product combination for you, or try our favorites, the washes and rinses.

Try it: Kevin.Murphy Smooth.Again.Wash

What skincare and haircare products are you mad about? Share below.