How to Whiten Your Teeth Without Chemicals

Natural Teeth Whitening

Though over-the-counter whitening strips may yield results, they may expose your teeth and mouth to toxic chemicals. It’s something you may not have even given a second thought due to creative marketing campaigns and the convenience of using strips to consolidate the process. To keep your smile safe—and bright—try this effective and natural teeth whitening alternative: activated charcoal.

While charcoal may be the last thing you’d think of to remove stains, it has various benefits that has made it a “hot” ingredient in the wellness space. This type of oxidized charcoal is known for its powerful detoxifying and purifying properties. Basically, the charcoal attracts and binds chemicals and toxins to remove them from the system. It’s an extremely popular ingredient in juices and beauty products, and it also promotes oral health. Not only can this natural ingredient be used to whiten your smile, it may also help prevent gum disease, cavities, and other oral ailments by balancing the pH level of your mouth.

The alarming thing to note about using activated charcoal as a whitener is that it will temporarily turn your mouth black while it works to remove plaque and bacteria and lift the stains from your teeth. The reason it’s an effective all-natural alternative is due to the way the charcoal binds to dirt, plaque, and stains: When you rinse it away, you’ll be left with a healthy, clean, and bright smile.

So how can you use activated charcoal as your new whitening method? Follow the simple directions below.

Natural Teeth Whitening

What you’ll need:

Activated charcoal


Wet your toothbrush and apply a small amount of powdered activated charcoal. Brush regularly and leave the charcoal paste to remain on your teeth for about five minutes. (Don’t be alarmed: It’s normal for your mouth to turn completely dark.) Then, thoroughly rinse your mouth until all excess charcoal is removed and you’re rinsing clear water. Repeat twice to three times per week for a white smile.

Will you try this natural whitening alternative? Tell us in the comments.

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